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Citywalk on Euclid

  • Location:
    • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Architect:
    • Parker Associates
  • Project Size:
    • 465,000 sf
  • Completion Year:
    • 2015
  • Construction Cost:
    • $57M
  • Architect Contact:
    • Jim Parker
    • Parker Associates
    • 918-742-2485
    • jparker@parkertulsa.com


ED/A designed the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems for this $57M apartment project, which includes a 38,500 sf Whole Foods Market and a 165,000 sf parking garage. The building includes a two story concrete podium below five stories of wood framed construction. The residential area includes 176 apartment units, with 30 different unit floor plans and an average of 1425 sf net square footage per unit.

The parking garage includes 458 total parking spaces and has a swimming pool and recreation deck located on the top level. The electrical service to the project includes a 3000A, 208/120V, 3PH, 4W service for the residential common areas (including the 5,700 sf clubhouse), (6) 1200A, 208/120V, 3PH, 4W modular meter centers for the residential apartment units, and a 2000A, 480/277V, 3PH, 4W service for the Whole Foods Market.

The residential common areas are supported by a 350kW emergency generator and a 100HP fire pump. The interior corridors are conditioned with 54 condensing unit and fan coil split systems. The building is a high rise building and was designed to meet all high rise code requirements including domestic water booster pumps, a fire command center, a voice evacuation fire alarm system and a stairwell pressurization system.


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