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HVAC Renovation/Generator Addition

Project Bulletin ODVA Lawtonoutsidegen

  •  Location:
    • Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Owner:
    • State of Oklahoma
  • Project Size:
    • 2,000 sf
  • Completion Year
    • 2012
  • Construction Cost:
    • $1.4M
  • Owner Contact:
    • Dorita Herd
    • ODVA Construction Program
    • dherd@odva.state.ok.us


ODVA Lawton Division utilized a geothermal pond loop to provide hydronic heating and cooling to their resident. In 2010, the state contacted ED/A for an emergency repair project. The geothermal loop had been showing reduced heating and cooling output over the years, which was becoming detrimental to the life safety of the veteran residents.

ED/A investigated the system, and provided a design that utilized high efficient boilers along with a new cooling tower to supplement the heating and cooling system by use of flat plate heat exchangers.  Since completion, the hydronic loop temperatures are providing more than enough cooling and heating to keep the residents comfortable.

Also part of the project, ED/A designed a new emergency power generation system, to ensure that the residents were not without power during the treacherous weather that is frequent in Oklahoma.  The new emergency generation system now provides full backup power to the entire facility.


Project Bulletin ODVA Lawtongenerator

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