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Quality Assurance Lab Renovation

Project Bulletin Tulsa Northside WWTPmachine

  •  Location:
    • Northside Waste Water Treatment Plan
    • Department of Public Works
    • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Owner:
    • City of Tulsa
  • Project Size:
    • 8,100 sf
  • Completion Year:
    • 2011
  • Construction Cost:
    • $2.1M
  • Owner Contact:
    • Bill Orrick
    • City of Tulsa
    • borrick@cityoftulsa.org


ED/A provided full MEP design for the renovation of this quality assurance laboratory for the City of Tulsa Department of Public Works.  This renovation included a full removal of the existing lab and staff space. ED/A provided investigation for reuse and replacement of acid waste piping, along with complete new plumbing and laboratory gases for each of the lab work stations.

Unique material selections had to be made, as no copper was allowed on site due to the corrosive atmosphere at the facility.  A new chiller and central station air handling unit with venturi air valves was used to provide HVAC and control for the complex sequencing to balance the lab sash hoods with the heating and cooling system.  Lighting and power systems were designed to accommodate each lab work station and all staff areas.


Project Bulletin Tulsa Northside WWTP

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