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Science and Art Building – Casady Schools

  • Casadyartsandsciences Location:
    • The Village, Oklahoma
  •  Owner:
    • Casady Schools
  • Project Size:
    • 22,000 sf
  • Completion Year:
    • 2014
  • Construction Cost:
    • $6.61M
  • Owner Contact:
    • Nathan Sheldon
    • sheldonn@casady.org

The Arts and Science building is the second building in a master plan to expand and improve the campus at Casady Schools. This high school building is home to state of the art science labs along with multi-use art classrooms. The art classrooms were designed to make use of natural daylighting to provide a creative and fun space for students to learn.

Each science classroom is equipped with standard laboratory gases, and three of the labs utilize double sided learning fume hoods for experimentation. To further efforts to stay green, this project utilized water source heat pumps to provide HVAC, along with centralized energy recovery units scheduled to provide outside air. Lighting controls were provided alongside an energy efficient lighting design to further energy savings.

Project Bulletin Casady Arts and Science Building


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