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Surgery Center

Project Bulletin St Anthony Surgery

  •  Location:
    • St. Anthony Hospital
    • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Owner:
    • SSMHC
  • Project Size:
    • 122,000 sf
  • Completion Year:
    • 2002
  • Construction Cost:
    • $27M
  • Owner Contact:
    • Barry Haynes
    • St. Anthony Hospital
    • 405-272-7275
    • barry_haynes@ssmhc.com


ED/A provided MEP design services for a large addition to the existing 100-year-old inner city Hospital. An entirely new state-of-the-art Surgery Department was created, with fifteen operating rooms added above an existing structure, adding a 22,500-square-foot Surgery Suite at the fifth floor level on top of the existing East Outpatient Building. There was 77,000 square feet of renovated space within the existing hospital.

An interstitial space below the surgery floor was created for mechanical and plumbing equipment, and to keep the surgery floor level with the fifth floor. A new central chiller plant was created above and to the side of the new surgery center, allowing the surgery center to operate at lower chilled water temperatures to control temperature and humidity to the surgeon’s and health department specifications, and allowing the main central plant serving the remainder of the hospital to operate at elevated chilled water temperatures, resulting massive energy savings in CHW generation.

ED/A has designed numerous projects for St. Anthony since 2000.


Project Bulletin St Anthony Surgerynight

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